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2005-04-27 - Linux server bugfix

About 1.5 years ago I received a fix from Sorcerer / FluxxNet.com for the linux server crash that some(?) people experienced. Unfortunately I never got around to uploading that version to the site. Now that a fix has been created again by summat, I guess it is time to put it up for download. I have increased the version number to 3.2, and also compiled a windows version since it could potentially crash in the same place there. These new server files can be found in the download section. The source files now also contains the Visual C++ project files if anyone feels like compiling it on Windows.

2004-08-13 - Goodbye newsscript

Seems that there's a lot of security problems with the news script I installed. So now it's removed. Not that I ever used it to do any meaningful updates. :)

2004-06-05 - Site moving

This site has now moved to a new server. So if you can read this, I guess it worked fine.

2003-03-13 - Newsscript installed

Well, I installed a little script for easier news updating on the site.. Maybe it'll lead to more updates.. Or not. :)

There isn't really much to write news about right now though. But UTV2k3 is in development, so there might be details forthcoming..

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